Useful links

12 Step Treatment Centres |
‘Offering care for drug addiction/alcoholism or any addiction related problems’

Addiction Network |
Extensive information on alcoholism and other addictions

Anxiety and Panic attacks | Free online CBT |      

Anxiety Disorder Treatment |
‘Anxiety disorders have a high impact on our daily life. On this site you can learn how to handle anxiety and ultimately cure it’

British Medical Association |
A web-based resource pack for BMA members who have mental health and/or addiction issues. For the BMA homepage (non-members) click here.

Depression Treatment Guide |

Eating Disorder Hope |
This site promotes ending eating disordered behavior, embracing life and pursuing recovery. Our mission is to foster appreciation of one’s uniqueness and value in the world, unrelated to appearance, achievement or applause.

Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center |
An international eating disorder referral organisation.

Mental Health Matters |

Mummy’s Blue |
A website offering support and advice for those suffering with post-natal depression.

Pain Talk |
National discussion forum for UK professionals working in (or with a specific interest in) both acute and chronic pain management.

Pink for a Girl |
‘Providing a community for women who would love to have children but are experiencing problems’

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder PTSD |
The Gateway to PTSD Information is a gateway to four nonprofit sites that offer (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder PTSD) information and resources. Four national and international organizations are here to help, with articles, references, web-links, mini-courses, 800 phone access and pen-pal resources. 

PsychHelp – Mental Health Support Group | |
Provides free information and advice to parents.

0845 767 8000 open from 1pm to 11pm every day


Alcoholics Anonymous |

British Pregnancy Advisory Service |

Help the Aged |

Redundancy Help |

Sapphire |
Improving rape investigation and victim care.


ADD/HD information |
Adfam |
A national charity working with families affected by drugs and alcohol and is a leading agency in substance related family work.
Tel: 020 7928 8898

Attention Deficit Disorder Resources |
Over 100 articles written by national ADHD authorities as well as adults with ADHD. Plenty of information for parents too.100 plus links to ADHD-related websites’

Bipolar & Creativity |
The personal story of an artist, manic depression and his art

British Society of Gerontology |
‘aims to promote the understanding of human ageing and later life through research and communication’

Bully-Off |
‘A complete guide to stamping out bullying’

Couples Counselling Network |
A national network of qualified counsellors experienced in couples counselling

DrugScope |
‘The UK’s leading independent centre of expertise on drugs: our aim is to inform policy development and reduce drug-related risk’ |
‘Health and medical directory and information on the web’

Learning to live with depression |
” A self-guided method for learning skills to overcome depression”

National Association of Widows |
‘A national charity offering support and friendship to widows and women who have lost their partners through bereavement’

Pink Therapy |
The UK’s leading private therapy organisation specialising in working with sexual minority clients’

Respect |
‘Respect runs a phoneline for people who are abusive or violent towards their partners and are looking for help 0845 122 8609. This phoneline also provides information and advice to anyone who’s concerned about their behaviour’ |
A one-stop advice and information website where 16-24 year-olds can find support and guidance on a range of issues

Tourettes syndrome information |

Work Relationships |
How should we deal with pushy colleagues, arrogant managers and timid employees? This site offers great advice on what to do in any situation

Youth Access |
Youth Access is the national membership organisation for young people’s information, advice, counselling and support services.


Bullying Online |
Help and advice for parents & pupils in dealing with school bullying.

Bullying Project |